Ros Badger launched Little Badger in 1995. Inspired by the birth of her first child and frustrated by the lack of hip baby clothes available she decided to make her own.  Ros was working as a freelance knitwear designer for Betty Jackson, Fred Bare and Marks and Spencer (among others) at that time, so she knitted a small range of hand knits for her baby daughter. The first pieces included a double breasted coat dress, a skull and crossbones jumper and a pinafore dress, all of which are still in the range.

These pieces were the inspiration for her first collection and later that year The Cross, in London’s Holland Park, became the first store to stock Little Badger. In 1996 Ros decided that mail order was the way forward and was joined by Elaine Scott as business partner. Little Badger quickly established a reputation for its stylish designs, fine quality and impeccable customer service, the company was based in the Oxo Tower on the south bank of the river Thames, and a loyal following subscribed to the twice yearly catalogues. Knitwear and T-shirts were despatched to customers across the world and to many celebrities from Bono to Nicole Kidman.

In 2005 Little Badger took a break but now Ros has returned with a restructured company.

The collection, which was formerly hand knitted in the UK by Ros’ many knitting syndicates is now mostly produced in Peru by artisans whose culture very much values the hand made arts. While there is a huge resurgence in craft in the UK, it is much harder to find groups of knitters that can  supply quantity for a business like Little Badger. Ros is very proud of the fact that she was able to employ so many women and sustained many Knitting groups between the mid 80‘s and 2005 and helped keep the spirit of knitting alive in the UK. She is now providing much needed employment and a fair wage to women in Peru, where knitting is an instrinsic part of their culture and the only source of employment for many of them.